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Subject: The Brood
Real Name: Inapplicable
Height: 8′ in length Weight: Unknown
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #155, March 1982

Power Ratings:

  • Energy Projection: 1/7
  • Mental Powers: 1/7
  • Strength: 3/7
  • Fighting Ability: 4/7
  • Intelligence: 3/7

(Editor’s note: I apologize, I was running behind and this article was published before it was fully finished. It was a long night… I wonder why?)

I had hoped that serendipity would take charge and have today’s entry be someone in X-Men: First Class, but given how things were  there was less than 10% chance of that happening, we’ll have to settle for the Brood.

Speaking of the Brood, as a commenter below pointed out, these suckers are clearly just ripoffs of the xenomorphs in the Alien franchise, debuting in 1982, 3 years after  Alien and 4 years before Aliens. Given their popularity I’m kind of surprised that Claremont got to steal the ripoff all to himself for use in the X-Men; seems like something that would’ve gotten better use in Fantastic Four or Green Lantern (unless there were respective Alien ripoffs in those books, I wouldn’t know).

One of Lee’s last Marvel gigs was a storyline involving the Brood, Gambit, and Ghost Rider of all people, delving into Gambit’s past as a literal card-carrying thief, and in that storyline you could see his quality slipping… like something was on his mind (!). Too bad, because the storyline was actually pretty fun and his detailed style suited well with drawing the craggly Brood. Brood’s card is competently (and pretty tightly) rendered but I’m disappointed in the posing. The front-facing turn evokes the appropriate disgusted response, but the rest of the body’s silhouette is too crammed together in this space. If any other character required a landscape-oriented card, it might be this one.

In other news, the card goes as far as telling us how long the Brood are, but can’t be bothered to reveal their weight, as though it was a mystery like Mr. Sinister‘s real name. I also don’t know if I’d really give them a 4/7 for Fighting Ability and a 3/7 for Intelligence, since their m.o. is simply to either swarm an enemy or possess them. Neither requires particular tactical aptitude, no?

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  1. Drew June 3, 2011 at 3:04 pm #

    No discussion around the X-Men’s take on the alien organism from ‘Aliens’?

    • admin June 3, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

      Oops, mistake! Fixed now.

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