25 Jul

Subject: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
Roster: Toad (Team Leader), Sauron, Phantazia, Thornn, Masque, Blob, Pyro
First Appearance: X-Force #5, December 1991

I’m back from a whirlwind weekend at my very first San Diego Comic-Con, and since this week is a living hell of catching up with work, my recaps will have to wait til next week. Of course, little guarantee that next week will be any better as far as my free time goes, but now I’ve made a verbal contract with you.

This is without a doubt the worst incarnation of any villain team in the history of comic books. When your team leader is Toad, you’ve both hit bottom and not hopping your way out. I don’t even much have of a memory of when this lineup debuted in X-Force #5, but man it can’t possibly have lasted long.

Of course, the traditional lineup with Magneto at the helm hadn’t really existed since the 70’s, having been replaced by Mystique’s incarnation during the fantastic Days of Future Past storyline, and the movies’ lineup featuring allstars like Magneto, Mystique, and Sabretooth never existed at all (Sabretooth only became a member in the mid-90’s). Maybe even by the 90’s the concept of a group calling themselves “Evil Mutants” had become passe (I will admit there is something enticing about a group called the Mutant Liberation Front).

The art here suffers from the same lack of detail and compositional clarity that plagued many of Jim Lee’s less iconic cards in this series. The card is far too bright (seemingly from Pyro’s flames) that it’s just kind of hard to really make features out. It doesn’t help that many of these characters were those most susceptible to gross visual anatomical exaggerations. Also, team member Thornn (the sister of Feral) not only doesn’t get her own individual card, she doesn’t appear on the team card either.

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