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18 Jul

Subject: Excalibur
Roster: Captain Britain [Team Leader], Meggan, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, Shadowcat, Widget, Lockheed
First Appearance: Excalibur Special Edition #1, 1988

I’ve said plenty over the course of this blog about Excalibur, mainly that I haven’t much to say about them at all. So let’s not rehash that, and this time, let’s just focus on the art of the card.

First of all, it’s the best team card we’ve seen since the first team card, X-Men: Gold Strike Force. This Excalibur card doesn’t reach the same compositional strengths of the Gold team card, but it benefits from not being too overcrowded, and thus helping to give the members some stronger silhouettes. That is, except for Phoenix (Rachel Summers), who gets delegated to peeking over the shoulders of Kitty and Captain Britain, when there could’ve clearly been room between Kitty and Nightcrawler had Meggan moved over a little.

Oh, and the tippy top of Lockheed is on the bottom left, obscured behind the Excalibur title. Oopsies!

Speaking of which, the team roster refers to two other members missing from this card (I guess that’s how they kept the card from being overstuffed): Widget, and Kylun, whose individual card lists him as an Excalibur member but is not included in this roster. Not surprising.

Captain Britain’s portrait in the Team Leader profile makes him look far too brooding, and he’s got Magneto’s squint and cheekbones, aka it’s Jim Lee’s stock brooding face.

Excalibur is also the first team card to get a Headquarters picture, of their mushroom-shaped lighthouse. The card refers to it as haunted, but makes no mention of it being a dimensional nexus for the Captain Britain Corps.


28 Feb

Subject: Meggan
Real Name: Meggan
Height: Variable Weight: Variable
Group Affiliation: Excalibur
First Appearance: New Mutants Annual #2, October 1986

Power Ratings:

  • Energy Projection: 1/7
  • Mental Powers: 1/7
  • Strength: 2/7
  • Fighting Ability: 3/7
  • Intelligence: 2/7

Ah, Meggan. I would seriously call you the lamest X-hero ever, except I don’t even think you should count as one, and other Excalibur members are still upcoming that strain all credibility. Whether or not Meggan’s a mutant will continue to be a frustrating conversation, which I guess makes it fitting that she’s paired off with Captain Britain, who, despite being the brother of a notorious mutant psychic, is not technically a mutant himself.

Which further just raises the issue that Excalibur really doesn’t deserve to be an X-book, despite several tried and true X-members migrating across the continent. Listen: Beast was a member of the Avengers for almost a decade, it does not make The Avengers a mutant group.

Sadly Lee’s apathy towards this character means we don’t get a depiction of Meggan at her most (and I’m stretching her) intriguing: being a metamorphic who actually needs to concentrate to NOT be a constantly gooping but cute mess.