28 Jan

Subject: Wolverine

Real Name: Logan

Height: 5’3″ Weight: 195 lbs.

Group Affiliation: X-Men (Blue Strike Force)

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #180, October 1981

Power Ratings:

  • Energy Projection: 1/7
  • Mental Powers: 1/7
  • Strength: 2/7
  • Fighting Ability: 7/7
  • Intelligence: 2/7

Having Wolverine second in the series is just weird, since it clearly outs the editors as clearly aware of his status as the alpha-X of the period (and still is, to the present), and yet still didn’t bother putting him at the tippy top. If not number 1, they should’ve just buried him in the middle to keep the suspense going, like how smart musicians dump the best song/single in the middle of the album.

The art clearly reflects his popularity, as Lee’s rendering of Logan is some of the most detailed and tightest of the entire series, composing him well in an equally well-rendered background. My only complaint is the overly clean and balanced pose he’s got Wolverine in, when Lee’s strength at the time was drawing some CRAZY unleashed Wolverine with tattered clothes and adamantium skeleton peeking through a gnarly gash on his body. He’s even shown in his “old” brown-and-yellow costume, which Lee ditched early in his “X-Men” (no adjective) run.

The Power Ratings suffice, with a 7/7 score in Fighting Ability cementing Wolverine’s status as being “the best at what he does.” The lack of a Durability rating, however, means Logan can’t easily brag about being able to take a licking and keep on ticking, which, given his longevity as the most popular X-Man despite such exploitative qualities, is surely his greatest attribute. Also while a 2/7 rating might seem appropriate while we’re only on the second card of the series, it starts looking weird once we get further down and you see who ELSE has 2/7 for Strength, and who have ratings even higher.

P.S. – Few artists and writers ever stress enough how freakin’ SHORT Wolvie is, and sometimes you need the back of a trading card to remind you of that (he is a towering five foot three).

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2 Responses to “02 – WOLVERINE”

  1. Derek January 28, 2011 at 6:51 pm #

    Why the high mental powers rating? Is it because of his sometimes-ability to block out psychics?

    • admin January 28, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

      Oops apparently that was a mistake on my part. The card says 1/7. That said, there will be characters with high mental power ratings for no reason.

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