94,95,96 – DANGER ROOM: Gambit, Wolverine, Shatterstar

26 Aug

Subject: Gambit

We get another Gambit card where he’s only using martial arts, not his card-charging powers. Granted this is a much cooler pose than his original card’s, but it’s not until this card’s side-B do we see him handling cards at all (the side-B portrait is pretty badass, I admit; there’s something about how Lee draws side-views that’s alluring to me).

Interestingly, this card’s bio also downplays his kinetic energy powers and focuses on his athletic abilities. I guess since this is a card featuring the Danger Room such acrobatics would be showcased, but even with metallic boots, if I were Gambit I’d totally use my cards on that big robot instead of kicking it (but I guess he’s just that bad ass).

Subject: Wolverine

Lee handles this mid-air slashing pose of Wolvie‘s pretty well, it’s a pose he’s done before, and he probably does it better than anybody. Wolvie also gets the maskless treatment here, which again Lee does very well. Again, too bad the original art for this card probably wasn’t too much bigger than how it’s printed here; you can see how he just clearly can’t fit details where he would normally, and the drawing feels sketchy.

Logan’s side-b portrait is that cool side view again, but his eyes just look a a little TOO far away from the center of his face… Wolverine looks like a fish here.

The X-Tra fact on this card refers to the the customizability of the Danger Room to be tailored to the trainee’s abilities; Gambit’s card refers to the room’s holographic capabilities. Aren’t both of these facts already essentially established (indirectly) by the other cards that came before them? I’m concerned for the quality of trivia for the remaining four cards in this subset.

Subject: Shatterstar

Shatterstar is unique in this panorama for being the only non-mutant of the bunch, which is good because otherwise this blade-swinger gets to pose next to the X-Men’s most iconic slasher; he just doesn’t look as badass (and definitely looks fruity). But wait, what’s that? Is Shatterstar shooting energy beams from his sword’s handguard??? Was such an ability ever mentioned before???

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