91,92,93 – DANGER ROOM: Nightcrawler, Archangel, Storm

24 Aug

Note: I had debated whether or not to do full entries for each of these cards, or whether I should just do the following nine cards as one post, since they’re all repeats of previous characters, and the nine cards come together to form one big image of various characters in the Danger Room. I decided to split the difference and do three cards at a time.

Subject: Nightcrawler

Immediately with this image you can see that the entire 9-part drawing won’t be a masterful effort; When I met Lee at a signing early this year, before the blog premiered, he had said he’d drawn the cards on 6×8-ish postcards; with this 9-parter, I’d almost accuse him of also just drawing the one image on a 6×8 card… it looks action packed and not cramped, but I’m seeing little detail so far.

The side-B text alternates between talking about the character’s skills as well as the purpose and aspects of the Danger Room; funny cause at this point in time Nightcrawler’s across the ocean from the X-Mansion, so he can’t really do too much Danger Room practice, no?

Subject: Archangel

Archangel fares a little worse than Nightcrawler in the drawing detail portion here; given the perspective of the overall shot you just can’t let Archangel really spread out, so instead he looks like he’s cramped up (I mean, he IS in an enclosed room, I guess that’s normal to feel when you just wanna fly). His side-b portrait fares much better, finally giving us that stoic and brooding Archangel look that typified his tormented state at the time.

The X-Tra Fact talks about Shi’ar technology augmenting the original Danger Room capabilities, presumably its holodeck-abilities of projecting any environment or situation. Before that it just manifested obstacle courses and robots. Its actual capabilities and operations continue to baffle me (if the holograms are tangible, why do they fight robots at all? Seems like Wolverine would shred through a baker’s dozen of expensive robots every session).

Subject: Storm

Storm fares the best of the first three cards as far as art goes, with posing that’s both dynamic and regal. Even her side-B portrait is alluring. Her side-B bio however takes up a mere two sentences, just reiterating what her powers are, which everyone must know by now.

The X-Tra Fact refers to the Danger Room’s aforementioned holodeck abilities.

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  1. Mr. Xorn August 25, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    Nightcrawler’s tail is way too long on the B-side of that card.

    • admin August 25, 2011 at 10:50 pm #

      They’re the same length on both sides of the card… and both way too long (if Todd McFarlane had drawn it I bet it would’ve gone on twice more).

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