Requiem for Havok

9 Apr

I’ve been vocal about the general mistreatment of Alex Summers‘ character throughout his history, and depending on how you look at it, his genealogical flip-flopping in X-Men: First Class is yet another example of that.

Anyway, I’d been rereading old X-Men‘s again, and specifically got to the classic X-Men #54-59, in which Alex is first introduced graduating from high school college*. Later, as they get themselves in an action bind, he more than holds his own in a fight alongside the other X-Men, despite his powers not manifesting themselves yet at the time.

And yet this guy gets a 1/5 Strength rating?! Yes, fine, he’s an upstanding athlete but by no means superhumanly strong, but to find himself below the ranks of, say, Shadowcat, his own love Polaris, Boom Boom, AND Jubilee? Yikes.

I’m gonna relish reading early Havok when his appearance really brought an infusion of family drama that’s become an integral part of mutant lore (I’m sure the crazy incredible Neal Adams illustrations helped the reading experience as well), and I’m sure I’ll get angry again later on.

*Alex is Scott’s kid brother, but we first meet him graduating from “old Landon College.” Scott had graduated from Xavier’s only about 40 issues prior to this, and never attended college himself. The letters page clarified Cyclops as being between 19-20 years old at the time, which means Alex would have had to graduate college way ahead of schedule. I guess that accounts for his 4/7 Intelligence rating.

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  1. Drew April 29, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    That is very messed up, especially considering that Alex was always shown to be athletic and strong, even though he was lean. Regarding his intelligence, both Alex and Lorna are two of the only X-Men to have earned PhD’s – Lorna’s was in Geology and I think his was in Physics. Unfortunately, she only got a 2 for her intelligence.

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